Another regional visit took place

In order to present and analyze proposals for PPP-related investment projects by local executive authorities, as well as to prepare an initial feasibility study for these projects the delegation of the PPP Development Center of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency visited this time Absheron-Khizi economic region.

Within the framework of the visit, on October 18-19, 2022, the Director of the PPPDC Anar Salmanov and the Head of the PPPDC's Department of Support for the Development and Implementation of PPP projects Hamlet Ismayilov held business meetings with the Head of the Absheron District Executive Power Abdin Farzaliyev, the deputy Head of the Sumgayit City Executive Power Fazail Huseynov and the Head of the Khizi District Executive Power Khazar Aslanov.

Within the framework of the meetings there had been presented detailed information about the activities of the PPPDC and the PPP model, was emphasized the need to expand the application of PPP mechanisms as one of the important elements of the economic development strategy, also were discussed areas requiring PPP-related investment throughout Absheron-Khizi economic region.

The local executive authorities, in its turn, noted that they will present information on priority projects: in terms of Sumgayit city and Absheron district - in the field of transport (alternative highways), waste processing and the implementation of the "smart city" concept; and in terms of Khizi district - in the field of tourism (hotels, restaurants and entertainments), agriculture (breeding in closed conditions of small cattle of meat, dairy, leather-wool breeds).