KOBİA and BNA have launched a new public-private partnership project

Providing quality public transport services to citizens is always in focus. In accordance with the instructions of the President, in recent years, consistent measures have been taken to modernize the capital's bus fleet, to ensure the safe and comfortable use of regular buses. Public transport infrastructure is also being updated with the introduction of new technologies and innovations.


In this context, the installation of smart bus stops in Baku is underway. The construction of new bus stops is carried out with the joint support of the Baku Transport Agency under the Baku City Executive Power and the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBİA).


The project, implemented as part of a public-private partnership, will be fully funded and managed by the private sector. The purpose of the project is to increase the functionality and innovation of bus stops, to expand the application of the model of public-private partnership in the field of public transport infrastructure management.


There are many advantages to completely locally produced smart bus stops. A cooling system has been installed in the bus stop pavilion, which is a first in the city's public transport infrastructure. Surveillance cameras and monitors have been installed in smart bus stops equipped with modern equipment. Bus stop lighting and electricity will be partially provided by solar panels. Coffee, tea, water and other necessary products will be sold in smart bus stops.


The next smart bus stop has been installed on Huseynbala Aliyev Street near the Memar Ajami metro station. From here, buses pass on 3 regular routes and are considered to be the main points of attraction in terms of passenger flow. This bus stop pavilion was also given an individual name. Thus, the pavilion was named "Memar Ajami" bus stop.


A total of 100 smart bus stops are planned to be installed in Baku over the next two years.