UNECE announces winners of its PPP and infrastructure award 2023

As part of the Seventh UNECE International PPP Forum, UNECE organized a competition to showcase the best public-private partnership (PPP) and infrastructure projects that contribute to the circular economy agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For this competition projects needed to address sustainable development issues and fulfil circular economy characteristics, such as reducing the use of virgin materials, reusing existing resources, repairing existing products, remanufacturing assets, recycling components, and recovering energy from non-recyclable waste, whilst keeping a localized approach and regenerating natural systems where possible.

By utilizing the UNECE PPP and Infrastructure Evaluation and Rating System (PIERS) Methodology for rating projects, the competition also served to help raise awareness on its usefulness to identify, develop and implement PPP and infrastructure projects aligned with the SDGs.

The finalists were selected by an international jury from a total of 49 projects from 33 countries, for a total capital expenditure of 38.7 billion US dollars, in crucial sectors such as sustainable transportation, healthcare, education, water and sanitation, waste management and renewable energy diverse sectors.

These projects were recognized by the international jury for their contribution to circular economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, poverty reduction, job creation, reducing waste, using renewable energy and aspiring to carbon neutrality.