The Center for Development of State-Entrepreneurship Partnership aims to increase the role of the private sector in economic development through strategic state road maps approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as conceptual documents aimed at socio-economic development of Azerbaijan. public-private partnership mechanisms.

In this regard, in order to ensure systematic activities to promote and support public-private partnership projects, the Center for Development of Public-Entrepreneurship Partnership was established within the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Model Charter on Public - Private Partnership Development Centre was approved by the Decision of the Board of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 16, 2019.

Main areas of activity of the Public-Private Partnership development Centre are as following: 

  • making proposals on development of legislative base and institutional infrastructure of public-private partnerships
  • preparation, implementation and coordination of programs and projects on public-private partnerships;
  • ensuring and broadening the participation of SMEs in public-private partnership programs and projects;
  • raising awareness and capacity building for all stakeholders in in publicprivate partnerships; 
  • analysing and screening of projects in accordance with the criteria of public-private partnership and taking relevant measures for their implementation.